Creativity is an enormous opportunity for HR practitioners! There are methods you can use to improve creativity across the board, including hiring, performance management, retention, engagement, innovation, etc.

It's not just thinking about creativity that matters, it's how you feel about it too, and Don will address the emotional intelligence behind it.

Don will not only share How to be more creative but also add examples of it in practice! He will also share tools you can put to use immediately.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Just what is creativity
  • The emotional blockages that get in the way
  • How to stimulate creativity
  • How to analyze creative ideas
  • How to sell your ideas to leadership

Why should you attend?

Creativity and innovation are requirements for success in today's rapidly evolving work environment. Unfortunately, very little of it emanates from the HR Department. Recent challenges emanating from the Coronavirus have forced HR to come up with creative work solutions.

In this program, HR coach, consultant, and speaker Don Phin will do his best to ignite your creative fire and help you navigate the emotions associated with going for it!

Who Will Benefit

  • Everybody HR person benefits from watching this
  • Even better when done as a group


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A streetwise hero from the Bronx, Don Phin has been a California employment law attorney since 1983. He litigated cases for 17 years and then quit cold turkey when he realized nobody wins a lawsuit. Know More

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