Let’s be honest- math is not HR’s thing. We are people people, not accountants. Problem is, that lack of understanding stymies our growth. It limits the conversations we can have and the impact we can make.

Don has presented on HR related topics to more than 6,000 CEOs. They tell him nobody has ever explained the math of HR to them the way he does. He’s also coached HR executives for many years. This Webinar will share unique insights that will get you pumped up to take your game to the next level!

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • How CEOs think about HR.
  • The opportunity in understanding the math of HR.
  • The costs of hiring, performance, and retention pactices- the Big 3
  • Defining the benefit in benefits.
  • Work comp and EPL exposures
  • The revenue equivalency of HR costs
  • The activity equivalency of HR costs.
  • Creativity systems
  • Marketing the math and getting a raise.

Why should you attend?

In this Webinar, Don Phin is going to teach the Math of HR in a way that will help you bring more value to your company…and get paid for it! He will share with you a method you can use to educate your executive and management teams on the value of great HR.


On Demand

A streetwise hero from the Bronx, Don Phin has been a California employment law attorney since 1983. He litigated cases for 17 years and then quit cold turkey when he realized nobody wins a lawsuit. Know More

Don Phin