How many meetings have you left thinking, “That was a waste of time,  not productive, what did we achieve?”   Now with teams being remote, it is even more challenging to align groups whom have competing priorities

Using design thinking principles, enables you to bring even the most diverse group, to align on a common goal and be on the same page.   Design thinking combines creative and critical thinking.  It is an interactive decision making process which enables all opinions to be heard in a concise, non-defensive manner.  Synthesizing this data allows teams to quickly identify key 

Practical learning for implementing design thinking principles into your meeting management techniques.   Learn how to facilitate interactive meetings which motivate teams to quick alignment.  Understand how to “group” synthesized data for buy in from all parties.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Overview of design thinking principles 
  • Breakdown of the principles
  • Applicability of techniques to meeting management
  • Step by step instructions to facilitate a design thinking meeting model
  • Guidance on synthesizing data and presenting solutions

Why should you attend?

Help your teams to learn new remote working techniques to make win win decisions even when there are conflicting priorities.

Who Will Benefit

All individuals who conduct meetings


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