Improving employee engagement can have dramatic effects on the organization's bottom line. Engaged employees are significantly more productive and less likely to leave.

Join us as we share tools and strategies on how to drive employee engagement and how to maximize the way you measure employee engagement. We will cover the behaviors and outcomes of engaged employees and outline the different engagement factors of employees in the workforce today.

Area Covered In The Webinar

  • Learn an 'enhanced' definition of employee engagement
  • How to start: An approach to building engagement
  • Generational engagement factors
  • The behaviors of engaged employees
  • Engagement survey pitfalls
  • Planning for your survey effectively
  • Actionable survey items: What to ask and why
  • The use of dual rating scales
  • How to get participation rates of 85% or more
  • How to get managers to follow through on action planning
  • When to repeat the survey

Why should you attend?

Tired of hearing about the financial benefits of high Employee engagement, but don't know how to communicate to your executive team? Hours spent by employees who have disengaged are costly and can reduce an organization's net profit.

Can you afford to ignore turnover and your employees' intentions to leave when there is an easily-applied solution?

We will outline how to get started, what strategies to consider, and how to measure engagement so that your survey project runs smoothly.

Who Will Benefit

  • Leadership Team
  • HR Team
  • HR Professionals


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