Must distance workers be isolated workers? According to recent organizational productivity surveys, the dramatic expansion of teleworking is causing isolation for distance employees. Whether being distracted on the Internet, not able to set up a daily work structure and routine, no “water cooler conversation” for a break or collegial inspiration, not to mention demands of family life for some of these teleworkers…. This can be a formula for disruptive stress, energy drain, lack of productivity, even short-term depression or long-term burnout… all threats to firm morale and bottom-line.

In today’s COVID times and aftermath, teleworking is not going away. Coaching/support groups are needed more than ever: Experts must adapt social media technology with quick engagement, empathic and "keeping it real” resilience coaching and mind/morale boosting communication. And the ability to strengthen a sense of team is that also recognizes the individual is critical. When facilitators have "The Right Stuff," Zoom meetings don't have to turn participants into Zoombies!

In a skillfully orchestrated, appropriately open and intimate setting, participants will gain personal and work strategies for: a) realizing you are not alone, b) productively starting and organizing you work day, c) overcoming procrastination, d) asking for help, e) learning to take rejuvenating breaks and f) and create-brainstorm partners.

Learning Objectives

In this dynamic, unforgettable webinar, you will learn the Top Six Commandments

  • Understand how anxiety and anger, loss and grief fuel telework isolation and frustration
  • Establish a daily structured mindset/workspace; achieve “Emancipation Procrastination”; negotiate family roles and effective routines; prevent “cabin fever” burnout
  • How facilitators create a “Helmet’s Off” safe space for building trust and appropriate vulnerable/intimate sharing
  • Learn to openly share and give supportive feedback in a teleworker support group
  • Develop a “Stress Buddy” emotional support and creative collaboration connection with another group member; discover additional stress resilience resources outside of the group structure
  • How to initiate this hybrid – webinar/support group – program in your organization and company

Why should you attend?

Whether an employee, supervisor, manager or executive, this webinar will provide a model and structure, tools, and techniques for supporting individuals and teams who are experiencing the strain of ongoing teleworking. If you are concerned about your organization’s motivation and morale, this webinar is critical.

Who Will Benefit

This webinar is for all levels of personnel who are grappling with the challenge and stress, strain and energy drain of ongoing long-distance working. This is both for employees who are “coping,” who are just hanging on, as well as for those having difficulty staying focused, feeling isolated, and cut off from office life. This webinar/support group will help you identify and train future team leads/facilitators, who will carry on this supportive provide.


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